Why Tom Brady Will Be A Top-5 QB in 2020

2020 has been a weird year to say the least. Through the eyes of a football fan, nothing has been weirder than seeing Tom Brady in a non-Patriots jersey. His situation reminds me of Peyton Manning leaving Indy nearly 10 years ago. Nobody really thought the Sheriff would be the same after switching teams in his late 30s, let alone break the NFL record for passing yards in a season (5,477 in 2013). It seemed like Manning was revitalized after his move. Being the ultimate competitor Brady is, I believe we are in store for a similarly historic season in 2020.

Of course, Brady can’t do it alone. That’s why I think his choice of Tampa Bay was an excellent one; especially in the world of fantasy football. To start, the switch from Bill Belichik to Bruce Arians will be a refreshing change of pace for TB12. Arians has long been known as a pass-first coach, in each of the past 3 seasons his teams have finished in the top-5 in passing attempts. I fully expect the Bucs to hit that number again with the potential to even lead the league. Not only do I think Brady will have more attempts, he will have more freedom to attack defenses vertically. The table below lists Average Completed Air Yards (CAY), which shows how far the throw travels before being caught . Shoutout to NFL Next Gen Stats!



To me, the decline in Brady’s CAY over the past few years has more to do with a switch to a dink-and-dunk/ check down offense rather than a decline in his arm talent. Aside from the random weeks last year with Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon, TB hasn’t been given great vertical threats to work with… to put it nicely. In Tampa, he’ll be working with my personal favorite receiving duo in the NFL, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. They are the best duo Brady’s played with since 2007 when he had Randy Moss and Wes Welker. He threw 50 touchdowns that year, by the way! Of course that was 13 years ago, but Brady has a work ethic second to none and a competitive drive that knows no age. You can fade him if you want, but in my opinion you’ll be missing out on a historic season by THE GOAT!

Cover Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/Buccaneers/status/1272936980075118592/photo/2

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