3 Rookies in Great Situations for Fantasy Success

WR Tyler Johnson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Rd.5 Pk.16)

By no means am I saying Tyler Johnson is going to overtake Mike Evans or Chris Godwin statistically. With that being said, Johnson, who averaged roughly 80 catches, 1200 yards and 12 tds his last two years at Minnesota, is a prime example of excellent college production not translating into an early draft selection. The dude basically holds every Minnesota receiving record and was a 2x 1st team Big Ten player. He might not have the potential as certain guys drafted ahead of him, but to grab him in the 5th when guys like Michael Pittman and Chase Claypool go 2/3 rounds earlier is outstanding value.

The opportunity is there for Johnson. Breshad Perriman is on the Jets, leaving a vacancy at WR3 for what should be an elite offense. I haven’t even mentioned who his QB is… oh ya, Tom Brady! That might help his career, just a little… I would not be surprised if Johnson creeps into the top 50 receiver range in fantasy this season.

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